Eyebrows be Tamed!

Recently, I decided to let me eyebrows grow out a bit and not pluck them myself. The reason for this being, every time I go ahead and touch them the result is a bit….uneven! Therefore I promised myself no matter how odd the hairs started to look I wasn’t going to touch them, I was going to wait and get them done. Which is going to be the subject of this quick and simple blog. Manhattan is just one of those cities that when it comes to salons the options are endless, from breaking your budget to saving your budget.  After some research I ended with up deciding with Shobha .

Photo Courtesy: HauteMimi

Let me be just start out by saying that one of the reasons I chose going here is because the location is right by my office (SoHo) and it makes it so much easier. Another reason why I went there is because doing my research as one must do before- or not do, they emphasized that they’ve raised the bar for hair removal. They’re core values are: to be the best, to do the right thing, to educate and to provide hygiene. Also and get this the owner Shobha Tummala has a masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School & an Electrical Engineering degree from Michigan State University. That’s it! A business lady raising the bar for hair removal, not bad. Im sold!

The location of the place was right on Broadway between Prince and Houston, and when I walked in immediately I could tell something was going to be different about that experience. Im not sure if it was the ambiance of the place, or just this feeling that I had. I filled out some paper work, waited for about a minute and then I went ahead and took my seat. The lovely woman asked me how I’d like my eyebrows done and I responded with ‘whatever you think is going to look best’ she smiled and seemed to like that. I’m not too controlling when I go get things done at other places I trust that I’m in good hands.

The actual threading experience was like non-others. First of all she was super meticulous about everything she was doing went and also taking her time. I was loving the fact that she was being so detailing, yet I’m not going to lie I was in a little bit of pain and I’ll blame that on the fact that it had been a while since anything was done to them.  Once she was done she was very gentle wiping away all the little hairs that had fallen making sure she wasn’t irritating the skin. I was surprised to be honest. Most places just want to hurry up and get you out, but not at Shobha’s.

I am super pleased with the results!